Steve and his wife Leesa purchased a Motel leasehold in Regional NSW in 2019, which as owner-operators was their first foray into the Motel game.

In under 2 years, they turned this business around into a highly sought-after destination. On multiple occasions, they were completely booked out, every room for every night, for periods of 3 months or more straight. To their knowledge, this had never occurred before.

To top it off, whilst under their ownership, the Motel was presented with 3 prestigious global awards representing, amongst other things, extremely high ratings from Guests who had stayed.

By adopting certain procedures, somewhat unique to the Motel industry, that had been so successful in previous award-winning businesses that they’d owned, Steve and Leesa were able to increase their occupancy AND retention rates.

In 2021 Steve and Leesa sold the Motel to a purchaser who will no doubt enjoy the turn-key operation that they’d developed.

Subsequently, Steve is more than happy to help those who are already in the Motel industry, or considering entering this field. Whether it be that you’re a Freehold or Leasehold Buyer, or a Seller, Steve is open to providing whatever thoughts / ideas / suggestions he can to assist with your inquiry.

Feel free to call or email Steve today!

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