Available Properties

Please don’t leave this page just yet!!!


The reason you won’t find pictures and/or information about any of the properties we are brokering at the moment, is that things change so quickly in this game and it’s best if you call or email Steve for his assistance.

Right across Australia, we can access commercial properties that are available:-

  • To buy,
  • To lease,
  • That require a quality Property Manager,

To add a further twist, the owner may choose to advertise the property openly (usually referred to as “On Market”) so that the general public can see that it’s available, however there are others who have reason/s why they would rather it be shared just to a particular and selective range (usually referred to as “Off Market”), thereby not having the equivalent of “every man and his dog” knowing about it.  One example of this marketing approach could be that the Landlord doesn’t want to “spook” the tenant that the property is for sale.

Daily, Steve has direct access to both On Market and Off Market commercial properties, right across Australia.

Our recommendation is to contact Steve, explain your circumstances, then he can let you know if/how he can help you. 

The no BS approach to Commercial Real Estate – simple!